Sailing Safely in Beantown: Why You Need Boat Insurance in Boston

If you enjoy a leisurely cruise along the Charles River or an adventure ride in the Boston harbor, local area boat owners are no strangers to the allure of the open waters.  

Boston Boat Insurance Basics

Many Boston boat owners don’t know that boat insurance is mandatory for all boat owners with an open loan on their vessel. A sudden storm or collision with another vessel on the water can lead to costly property damage or personal injuries. 

Boat insurance can offer financial protection when these unforeseen events happen. A comprehensive boat insurance policy in Boston can help you cover the costs of boat repair or replacement in the event of a total loss. 

Protect your floating investments with insurance from Smoller Insurance Agency in Boston, MA. Our licensed insurance agents can provide you with a variety of different coverage options to meet your boating insurance needs and explain your policy benefits. 

What Do Boston Boat Insurance Policies Cover?

Having boat insurance ensures that you comply with state requirements and provides peace of mind when boating accidents happen. Boaters who opt for basic liability coverage protect themselves against legal liability claims from other boaters and property owners if someone is injured while they’re driving their boat. 

Comprehensive and collision boat insurance protects your vessel and passengers from collision and non-collision-related boating mishaps, including accidental collisions with other boats, decks, buoys, and other stationary objects. 

Full-coverage boat insurance option can mitigate the effects of boat theft or damages to your boat caused by natural disasters like hailstorms and severe thunderstorms. 

We Are Here To Help

Talk to a licensed insurance agent at Smoller Insurance Agency in Boston, MA to learn more about your individual coverage options and deductibles based on your boating history and other factors.