What’s In A Condo “Master Doc” And How Does It Pertain To My Condo?

The master doc contains pertinent information regarding the arrangements of the condo property. This means the document lists common areas such as landings, the foyer, grounds, pool, etc. It also lists what each separate condo is, such as "all-in" or "walls-in." This means the owner of the condo actually owns the walls, floor, ceiling, and contents of the condo. Smoller Insurance Agency in Boston, MA is here to assist with condo insurance and everything related. 

Condo Insurance & Master Doc: What You Need To Know

Your Walls, Floor, And Ceiling

When you close on your new condo, you’ll have drafted for you a unit deed. This can also be found in the master doc and details transfer of ownership. This means the condo can be mortgaged, taxed, and sold. Smoller Insurance Agency of Boston MA knows what’s in the master doc, so we’ll walk you through the liability, loss assessment, and personal injury coverage you’ll need. You should also know these things about master docs.

Who Does Admin?

The Declaration of Trust, also included in the master doc, tells prospective condo owners to whom to pay their condo fees. We’ve seen sketchy “admin” people take the money and run. It’s good for prospective condo owners to know a sanctioned person is taking care of business.


Looking online will tell prospective condo owners that a condo company’s insurance stops at your walls. Should a visitor to your home become injured in condos’ common areas such as pools or picnic areas, then your home insurance covers the liability. The condo association won’t. These documents are also in the master doc.


Prospective condo owners should pay strict attention to this one. The master doc will include a Notice of Lien. This means that if a guest in your home raises a ruckus that annoys the neighbors or causes trouble in the condo’s common areas, then the fines and the cost to sic the sheriff on them will constitute a lien. You’re responsible for its payment.

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What does my Boston MA condo insurance cover?

Many people incorrectly assume that their condo is already covered. Smoller Insurance Agency knows this misinformation can be costly.

While landlords and building associations have their own policies, these protections are limited for condo dwellers. For this reason, condo insurance isn’t just a good idea. It’s a necessity.

Luckily, Smoller Insurance Agency in Boston, MA is ready to help.

While every condo insurance plan is personalized, here are four items that every policy should include:

Safeguards the interior

An owner’s insurance coverage extends only to the structure itself. The interior is rarely included. Luckily, condo insurance fills this gap. Flooring, fixtures, cabinetry, and even walls are shielded against destruction, vandalism, and other types of damage.

Protects belongings

This applies to your belongings too. Furniture, appliances, and electronics are covered against loss. But jewelry and other valuables are also likely included. While every policy will list specific events, damage from natural disasters is usually included. Vandalism and theft may also be covered.

Offers liability

Like any other insurance plan, liability coverage is key. If an accident occurs inside your condo, this coverage will reimburse you for most property, medical, and other injury-related costs you may have incurred. Legal expenses may be included as well. This extends to you, your family, and your guests.

Accounts for loss of use

Condo insurance is about being prepared. If you are forced to temporarily relocate due to a serious incident, your condo insurance policy can chip in. Additional living expenses, like meals, hotels, and travel, may be included.

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How does condo insurance differ from home insurance?

Condo living is a great way to break into the housing market. It offers many of the same benefits as traditional home ownership and some additional perks as well. Insuring your condo is very similar to insuring a single-family home with a few unique twists. At Smoller Insurance Agency in Boston, MA, we have the experience you expect from an independent insurance agency. We will help you to make sure your condo has the correct amount of insurance. 

With a condo, you share walls and other parts of the building with your neighbors. These common areas are not something that you personally are responsible for insuring. Your condo has a condo or homeowners association that holds a Master Condo Policy. This policy insures the common areas in your building and in the complex. How far into your unit is covered depends on the type of policy your association has. It is up to you as a unit owner to know what coverage the association has and what you need to have. 

When it comes to home insurance, you are responsible for your entire home. As a condo owner, you may be covered by the Master Policy for all the fixtures in your home, but not for any upgrades you have made from the original basic unit. 

When it comes to personal content and liability coverage, homes and condos within the unit are basically the same. In a condo, if someone is injured outside of your unit, that is the condo association’s problem. 

With a condo, you will also have the option of purchasing loss assessment coverage. If the condo association determines that the roof needs to be replaced, all owners will owe part of the cost. This insurance will protect you from having to pay this assessment out of pocket. 

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