Should You Get Flood Insurance for Your Home?

Natural disasters pose a major risk to homeowners, with floodwaters potentially tearing down home structures and uprooting people’s lives. Water damage can be expensive, costing property owners an average of $2,000 to $6,000 to restore the property. Most people do not have $2,000 saved to pay for unexpected damage to their property, which is why purchasing flood insurance is a recommendable action. If you live in Boston, MA, should you purchase flood insurance for your home? According to the agents at Smoller Insurance Agency, the answer is yes.

Is Boston at Risk of Flooding?

Boston is a low-rise area expected to experience significant flooding, mostly due to storm surges and heavy rainfall. Homeowners in the area are bracing for the worst and looking for ways to disaster-proof their homes. Some homeowners are purchasing home insurance plans that cover natural disasters. These plans typically include policies that cover floods, fires, storms, or other natural disasters.

Benefits of Flood Insurance

If you live in Boston, insurance covering water damage is highly recommended. This type of insurance will cover any restoration resulting from water damage. With the proper insurance plan, you should be able to cover the cost of water damage to your home’s flooring, doors, base, walls, or other structures. Besides reducing the costs of repair or renovation, purchasing flood insurance provides peace of mind against potential natural disasters in the future.

Finding Flood Insurance in Boston, MA

If you’re interested in purchasing flood insurance for your home, contact Smoller Insurance Agency at 617-965-1830. Our team will be glad to schedule an appointment for you.