Pet Insurance

Here at Smoller Insurance Agency, we understand the importance of family -- and that family includes your furry friends! And if your pets are part of your family, why shouldn’t they be protected like family? We can offer any dog or cat over 8 weeks old a comprehensive and customizable pet insurance plan.

What is pet insurance?

Pet insurance looks like health insurance, but technically qualifies as property and casualty insurance. When your pet gets sick or injured, you submit a claim and receive reimbursement. Yes, it is that simple! Bills from any licensed vet or emergency-care office are accepted.

What exactly gets covered?

Our pet insurance plans can be customized to best fit your budget and your pet’s needs. You can get complete coverage for accidents and illnesses or only for accidents. Plus, you can add on coverage for typical veterinary services such as annual wellness exams and spay/neuter.

Best of all, you get 10% on every additional pet you add to your plan -- the more the merrier!

Why do I need pet insurance?

If you already have a pet, you know the cost of veterinary care is comparable to human health care. In fact, it is estimated that $32.3 billion will be spent on veterinary care and related health products in 2021 according to the American Pet Products Association. You wouldn’t want to pay for your own health care out of pocket, so why would you for your pet? Contact us for a quote so you can provide your pet the best care possible without breaking the bank.