Specialty Insurance

You’ve set up your home and auto policies, and maybe even an umbrella policy. But, you’re still wondering if that one special possession is protected. That is where Smoller Insurance Agency comes in with a Specialty Insurance policy.

What is specialty insurance?

Specialty insurance will provide additional coverage for any unique and expensive items that your home policy may not cover. These items may include jewelry, watches, art, silver, etc. This additional policy will cover the insured item(s) against fire, loss, theft, or damage.

Do I need an additional policy?

If you’re not sure if you need specialty insurance, give us a call and our agents will work with you. Even the most comprehensive home policy may not cover these specialty items, so the answer to this question will most likely be a resounding “yes”.

We understand how important these precious heirlooms, unique investment items, or special gifts may be to you. Losing them would be a loss both financially and emotionally, so we will provide you with a policy that protects them entirely.

A specialty insurance policy with Smoller Insurance lets you sleep soundly at night, knowing everything in your house is protected.