Insuring My New Motorcycle

Congratulations! You’ve bought your first motorcycle and joined the family of two motorized wheels. You have joined a nationwide community of people who, at least in warm-weather months, ride astride heavy metal thunder. You might have serious questions about your motorcycle, its insurance, and how it’s different from a car. Your Boston, MA insurance partners at Smoller Insurance Agency are here to help with your questions.

Motorcycle insurance is more expensive than car insurance

You’ve undoubtedly already noticed that your motorcycle premiums are more expensive than the equivalent auto premiums and probably also wondered why that is. A motorcycle, of course, is less expensive than a car. Unfortunately, motorcycle insurance is a much bigger risk than auto insurance, so motorcycle coverage is more expensive even though the vehicle it’s covering is less expensive. Fortunately, your coverage will get less expensive as you prove you’re a good driver on your motorcycle.

Personal Injury Policies

Car interiors are designed around keeping drivers and passengers safe from harm. Motorcycles are not. If you’re in a motorcycle accident at any real speed, there is a real chance that you’re going over your handlebars. Because of this, personal injury protection coverage, very seldom purchased as a rider on auto insurance, is almost obligatory for motorcyclists.

Laid Up Insurance

It’s no secret that Northeastern winters are harsh. Because of this, many Northeast motorcyclists put their bikes in storage over the long winter, leaving them in storage until the spring comes and they can get out again. Laid-up coverage reduces your insurance costs, but you won’t be covered if you take it out during this time.

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There are additional coverage add-ons to consider with your new bike Consult your professionals at Smoller Insurance Agency serving Boston, MA for answers to these questions on your motorcycle insurance.

Wedding Insurance?

Did you know you can insure your big day?! 💒🍾

We know firsthand how much time, effort, emotion, and money goes into planning a wedding. And if there is anything we learned from COVID, it is to always have a back-up plan. That is why we are thrilled to be able to write our clients wedding insurance policies!

Wedding insurance covers any potential mishaps on the wedding weekend. These include:

💒 Cancellation or postponement

💒 Extreme weather

💒 Vendor no-shows

💒 Injury or sickness

💒 Damage to gifts

💒 Special attire and jewelry

💒 Wedding photos and videos

And more!

The best part? There is no deductible for these reimbursements!

You can purchase your plan as early as two years ahead of time or just a few days before, although we advise getting it sooner rather than later.

Your wedding is a big investment. A wedding protector plan will help protect those memories that will last a lifetime.

Give us a call or send us an email if you’d like a quote. We’d love to help make your big day as special and stress free as possible!