Important Questions to Ask When Shopping for Auto Insurance

Selecting insurance for your car or other vehicle can be intimidating. You might not understand what’s required, what’s covered, and everything else. The good news is that you can figure everything out by working with trusted insurance agents. We covered some must-ask questions below, but if you need further help with auto insurance, contact Smoller Insurance Agency, serving Boston, MA, and other communities.

What Are the Legal Requirements?

Many state authorities stipulate insurance requirements. If you drive without having insurance, you can end up in trouble with the law. You might even lose your license or face other severe penalties.

What Are the Risks in My Area?

In some areas, car thefts or people breaking in to steal stuff are significant risks; in others, they might be relatively rare. Likewise, weather events can be a major risk for some while not so pressing for others. Remember that if you’re planning a road trip, you may come across different risks on your journey. It might be smart to adjust your plan before hitting the road. Speaking with an agent about your location, lifestyle, travel plans, and more is smart.

What Doesn’t My Policy Cover?

One of the best questions you can ask is what your insurance plan might not cover. For example, some plans don’t provide coverage if stuff is stolen from inside your vehicle. Other plans will provide coverage. It’s best to consider any gaps, and if you notice any big risks, it’s wise to talk with an agent to see if you can get additional coverage.

If you need further help selecting auto insurance, feel free to contact Smoller Insurance Agency, serving Boston, MA, and beyond.