Does Umbrella Insurance Cover Everyone in My Household?

Umbrella insurance provides protection when we face liabilities exceeding the limits of our home, auto, or other insurance policies. Umbrella policies cover all members of the policyholder’s household, but there are exceptions policyholders should know and discuss with their agent. If you live in or near Boston, MA, and have questions about an umbrella or other insurance, consider contacting the Smoller Insurance Agency team.

Covering Household Members

Umbrella insurance sits in the background and activates when our liabilities exceed the limits of our underlying policies. Although they seldom come into use, they play a critical role in safeguarding us against the financial effects of significant injuries or damages.

Under normal circumstances, umbrella policies cover all household members. However, like your auto policy, the insurance company needs you to identify the household members so they can adjust the premiums based on the number of people in the household and their characteristics.

An important point is that your umbrella policy will not cover household members covered by separate policies. For example, your umbrella insurance will not cover your adult children or parents who live in the household if they have separate auto insurance policies. Likewise, a child with a renters’ policy covering their college apartment will not be covered.

These situations point out that those who have or are considering umbrella insurance should discuss the policy details and household members with their agent to ensure they clearly understand who the policy covers and who it doesn’t.

Working With Smoller Insurance Agency

Each situation is unique, so we recommend reviewing your circumstances with your agent. If you live in or near Boston, MA, stop by the office or call us today at 617-965-1830. Our Smoller Insurance Agency team wants to help with all your insurance needs.